5 dollars for nothing

5-usd.com Offers To Pay For Nothing

The site, created in June, attracts many visitors using a very attractive headline.

The creators of the site specifically use this header to visitors thought that on this site they are given $ 5 and asked nothing in return. Of course, it attracts a lot of visitors who want to get $ 5 for nothing. However, getting to the site, the visitor becomes apparent that a play on words and a funny joke. Actually screaming headline absolute truth. And on the website explains how it works: "Two simple steps: 1. You pay $ 5 2. Nothing happens." The site has a "fictitious customers" and a funny "frequently asked questions" with answers to them. A large yellow button calls to check a slogan of the site. Also in the bottom of the site has a modest sign that the profit goes to charity and buy food for creator's cat. If someone loves cats or just wants to spoof friends - a great way to do it is to send them this link.

5 dollars for nothing

Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY,
United States


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